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Diane Barrett

Diane’s work as an Intuitive Reader and Animal Communicator has been her lifes’ work  since 1986. Her passion for exploring the meaning of this sacred life, and her love of animals contribute to her work and her personal spiritual evolution. 

Diane’s intention in a session is to bring illumination to your path of growth and healing. Sessions can be a combination of bringing through information for clarity and understanding, helping you connect with your own intuitive power, and healing work. 

A significant aspect of this path of awakening is how to navigate the changes that your expanding awareness creates. Providing guidance and teaching tools to understand and navigate the changes are an important support Diane offers. 

Bringing light in all of its forms to Mother Earth and awakening souls is a gift and a sacred calling for us all. Diane is honored to support others on this profound and wondrous journey.  

Katherine Bowen

With her infectious smile and recognizable twang, Kathryn Bowen is a favorite in the Hunt community. She has been the ceramics instructor at Camp Waldemar for several summers.

Alana Cooklin

Alana Cooklin is a spiritual life coach and intuitive who uses her gifts of clarity (clairsentience, clairaudience and clairolfaction primarily) as well as Tarot, Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design to perform what she calls “practical alchemy.”

For over 30 years, she has helped clients heal themselves and their relationships and align with their life’s mission.

Alana has a background in clinical psychology which, combined with her exceptional empathy, allows her to coherently and incisively get to the root of deep issues by simply looking at a chart or reading a card spread and identify resources to overcome unhealthy patterns and connect to their passion, vitality and purpose. 


Sherry Gingras

Native Austinite and UT Austin psychology grad, Sherry’s journey includes owning stores like Earthsea and S.H.E. Apparel. A NIA Blue Belt Instructor and Drum Circle Facilitator, she founded THE DJEMBABES and DRUMSISTAS. Her iconic store, DRUMZ, was an Austin gem from 2002 to 2021. Sherry, a West African drumming teacher, studied in Guinea in 2010. She teaches to share the joy of drumming, believing “rhythm is the soul of life.” Her mission is to help others discover their creative pathways.

Katherine Lott

Katherine has been a healing arts professional since 1995 as a Licensed Massage therapist and well-being coach. Her journey through the world of holistic healing has helped her create a toolbox with many modalities and specialties. She has carefully crafted them all into a holistic practice that encompasses body, mind, and spirit. She believes that many if not all of our physical symptoms stem from unresolved trauma of some kind, locked in the body resulting in pain.“the issues are in the tissues”

Mica May

Mica started Austin DIY Studio in her back house studio in 2021, after the pandemic hit in-person arts & crafts studios in Austin really hard. Many of the local favorite “go tos” closed – and summer camps were a challenge, with gatherings still needing to be small. With back to back summer camps in 2021 and again in 2022, she found a studio space in the heart of Central Austin and officially opened Austin DIY Studio, a makers space for after school art and DIY craft classes, adult workshops, private events and birthday parties.

Molly Owen

Molly Owen is grateful to be a yoga teacher in her hometown of Elgin, Texas. Adventuresome and creative, Molly graduated from the University of Texas – Austin in her 20s and left the state to begin her career in pursuit of acting in New York’s Big Apple. She found studying and pursuing the craft a deep dive into exploring the human spirit and the array of behaviors that reflect or dampen that spirit. Triumphs and failures of the next three decades provided Molly with greater insight into her truest north. Her aspiration became clearer: uncovering the innocence of our human spirit and supporting our highest expression of that truth. 

A change of course found Molly in a highly competitive corporate environment. That detour brought new perspective. She had first-hand knowledge of how extreme work conditions can lead to an unconscious habit of stressful living. Seeking to regain her own equilibrium, Molly moved from Brooklyn back home to Elgin and embarked on her yoga training with new fervor. She found new goals in yoga’s breadth and depth and began sharing the study and practice with others. Molly quickly transferred her interpersonal and public speaking skills into the new realm of the yoga classroom. Yoga provided the perfect forum for delving deeper into the body-mind-spirit integration with her students. 

Molly is a teacher of Power Flow, Slow Stretch, and Restorative Yoga. She also offers Chair Yoga, as well as customized and private lessons. Her most recent accreditation is that of Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  

Today, she is honored to share the power of Laughter Yoga, an invitation to connect with others, express courageously, and reawaken the inner wisdom and joy residing within all of us!

Lisa Parrish

Lisa’s passion for fitness has been a lifelong affair, starting as a young dance and fitness instructor. She believes in the transformative power of movement, which has not only been a professional path but a personal love. Her expertise in dance and fitness has allowed her to infuse the art of movement into her lifestyle and the lives of her clients.

Lisa’s unique approach to vibrant living combines her love for dance, wellness, and fashion, creating a holistic experience for her clients. She excels at enhancing not just the outer image but the inner radiance, which is the cornerstone of her life-elevating philosophy.

In the world of Lisa Parrish, every outfit, every dance, every moment has the potential to elevate lives and raise the vibrations of her clients. She’s not just a life-stylist; she’s a catalyst for transformation, inspiring all to step into a life that’s more vibrant, authentic, and empowered.

Laura Pipkin

Laura is no stranger to Camp Waldemar. Former Camper, Counselor, Bed and Breakfast Innkeeper, Cookbook Author and Chef, she is returning to her great love of creative artistry. She is currently joyfully creating handmade items in Hunt, Texas. Her love of creating extends across various media to offer unique and thoughtful pieces of jewelry, using semi precious stones, sterling silver, gold filled findings as well as leather and silk. Each piece is made with intention, made with love.


Cari Ray

Cari Ray is the whole package…storytelling, beautifully-crafted songs, professional musicianship, and a voice that you won’t soon forget. She’s a multi award-winning singer-songwriter and creative force. Her musical influences as a writer and performer are clear and present in her original material, drawing on a wide range of early American music…acoustic blues, folk, ragtime, country and gospel. But it’s her storytelling and ability to transport the listener into the worlds she creates that truly captivate. To top it off, her live performance delivers those songs with quick wit, tasty guitar work, and a huge voice. With a smile and a wink, she’ll have your heart breaking one minute and your hips shaking the next. 

When she’s not performing, she’s a creative process mentor through public speaking and private coaching to help others unleash their creativity and find their voice. She offers one-on-one and small group sessions in creative process, writing, and songwriting. Cari will also be sharing a performance during the retreat.


Marisol Smith

Greetings! My name is Marisol Smith and I have been a practicing massage therapist for 11 years. My mission is to provide a safe and comfortable therapeutic experience for all clients. I look forward to being part of your healthy lifestyle and assisting with your stress and/or pain management! I love helping people feel refreshed, renewed and revived after experiencing the “Real Deal of Massage”.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith has studied extensively with globally recognized healers and leading experts in the healing arts. This combination of over 40 years of study creates a unique and intuitive therapy session, stimulating powerful healing mechanisms within the body that is both deep and soothing.

Amber Soberon

Amber’s journey toward holistic wellness began 25 years ago with the study of Kinesiology and personal training. Over the past two decades, she has immersed herself in yoga practice, cultivating a deep passion for Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation.

As an experienced Reiki Master/Teacher and Yoga Teacher, Amber’s intuitive nature serves as her guiding compass, empowering her to lead a life of holistic wellness for herself, loved ones, and clients. Her dedication to natural remedies and diverging from conventional approaches is further fueled by the growth of her children, Isaac and Sofia.

“I hold a 200-hour RYT certification in Kundalini Yoga, along with being an IFPA Certified Personal Trainer and a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher. I’m forever a student of the practice, cherishing the wisdom imparted by my teachers. During our classes, I infuse Reiki energy, playfulness, and inspiration to help you deepen your practice. My goal is to support others in thriving by nurturing their body, mind, and soul through yoga. I sincerely hope that after stepping off the mat, you feel refreshed, nourished, and balanced.”

Reba Wiedner

The awakening of “music as medicine for my soul” began  with my first piano lessons at age 7 and continued  throughout my years as a music major at Texas Lutheran  College. Later in life, a health crisis led to another path of  studies, now focusing on “food as medicine” at the Natural  Epicurean of Culinary Arts (2011) and CranioSacral at the  Academy of Massage Therapy (2013). Curious for deeper  wisdom about Five Elements, Marma Point Therapy, and  the body’s Seven Energy Centers, I attended summer  intensives with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute  (2017 & 2018) and the Inner Engineering Yoga program at  the Isha Foundation (2018). I am inspired by the many  parallels between music theory and ancient healing  philosophies across the globe. Today I use a full set of  Tibetan sound bowls, Biofield tuning forks, and Halo hang  drum for those desiring deep multi-faceted healing.  Encouraging clients to access the “healer within”, I quote  Tesla’s wisdom: “If you want to find (know) the secrets of  the (your) universe, think (feel) in terms of energy,  frequency, and vibration.” 

Kristal Weston

I’m a dedicated masseuse with 14 years of experience, specializing in Swedish, sports, cranial sacral, and Reiki therapies. My passion lies in the healing arts, and I am committed to empowering others to find their wellness and inner balance.

Ani Williams

The BodyPsychology experience is an intuitive massage redefining healing through bodywork. Ani Williams is a licensed mental health practitioner, who combines over 20 years of experience with different healing modalities that map’s the psychology of the mind to the body. During the 90 minute session, you and Ani will be identifying and releasing physical blocks so sustainable healing can begin. Treat yourself to this therapeutic journey through your body and release that which no longer serves you.

Ode Young

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ode took the route of allopathic medicine and practiced Internal Medicine and Rheumatology for 21 years in Texas.

Her journey was a strongly influenced, in part, by her upbringing with her grandmothers, who used the Wisdom of Earth and Spirit Worlds to relieve body dis-eases.

Due to her curiosity and insatiable learning desire, she exposed her mind to the teachings of educators like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Debbie Ford, John Holland, Matt Kahn…

She now finds herself teaching and playing in esoteric realms, listening to the Wisdom of Her Higher Self, Soul, & All that Is…

We will be playing with an assortment of messages from Oracle Cards, Angels, Mother Mary, Crop Circles, DNA Activation & more

Josh Brill

The Presence of Music: Your body is an instrument, your life is music! With Josh Brill

An experiential workshop on sound healing, music mindfulness, and how to and tune deeper into harmonic presence.

This workshop is for anyone who has an interest in further developing their understanding of sacred sound and music. No prior musical experience necessary. No external instrument is needed.  Your body and voice will be the instruments!

December 1 – 3,  2023

$1111 per adult + tax / $300 Deposit

Your registration includes:

  • Mindful Programing: Engage in purposeful activities, from guided meditation to inspiring workshops, crafted to enrich your mind and spirit.
  • Hillside Accommodations: Experience comfort in our resort-style hillside cabins, offering cozy accommodations for 4 to 6 guests, with private options available.
  • High Vibrational Meals: Nourish your body and soul with a menu designed to elevate your energy and enhance your mindfulness journey.

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